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Re: WARNING: No dynamic config support for overlay ppolicy? - SOLVED

On Tuesday 23 January 2007 00:11, Errol Neal wrote:
> >>Your "overlay ppolicy" clause is in the wrong place. Look at the
> >>test022 example more carefully, and read the
> You were ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! Very happy - thank you very much. I reworked
> my slapd.conf file paying attention to test022 and my password policies
> are working now. Thank you very much Howard!
> But whats up with the error regarding dynamic overlays at start up?

It only refers to dynamic configuration, which is not yet implemented for the 
ppolicy overlay. So, you can't currently use the overlay when using the 
back-config configuration style. Since you're using slapd.conf, ignore it 
(unless you are planning to move to back-config, in which case let's hope 
someone implements it).


Buchan Milne
ISP Systems Specialist - Monitoring/Authentication Team Leader

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