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Re: slapcat: could not open database.

Missed to mention that the problem happens random. How can i check the health of my database?. could it possible that i have problem in slapd / berkeley database communication. 

matthew sporleder <msporleder@gmail.com> wrote:
On 1/22/07, Moe wrote:
> Hi,
> im runnig openldap-2.3.24 with db-4.4.20.NC
> when i try to do : slapcat -l output.ldif
> i get :
> slapcat: could not open database.
> i get the above error after i run ldapsearch from same linux console
> if i open a new linux console and run slapcat it works fine
> Any suggestions ? im concerned i have problems with my database

Maybe you're not referencing the right slapd.conf because one
environment uses one ldap.conf and one uses another. Try specifying a
-f /path/to/correct/slapd.conf

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