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Re: slurpd access control problems

Aaron Richton wrote:
I get problems with access control, however, that prevent it from working.

access to * by dn="uid=slurp,ou=users,dc=xxxxxxxx,dc=xx" write
access to * by * none

The problem is I cannot access the slave database with dn="uid=slurp,ou=users,dc=xxxxxxxx,dc=xx".
because you have no access for anonymous to auth to uid=slurp.

Ok, but I can't seem to get out of this, even after reading the docs again!

Now I tried:

access to * by dn="uid=slurp,ou=users,dc=biolchim,dc=in" write
access to * by * auth
#access to * by * none

but this won't improve my situation a bit. What should I write here?

Debugging on the client isn't going to be too informative here. Try "slapd -d acl" perhaps.

Tried that too, but I get info on succesful binds and nothing when I try with user slurp.

bye & Thanks av.