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Re: slurpd access control problems

--On Friday, January 19, 2007 11:25 PM +0100 Andrea Venturoli <ml@netfence.it> wrote:

I guess this must be a FAQ, but I tried searching for a whole day and
didn't came up with any answer.

I've got two FreeBSD servers running openldap 2.3.32 in a master/slave
configuration. I'm using slurpd to keep them in sync: I tried this with
the rootdn as the slurp binddn and from a network perspective it works.
Now, I obviously don't want to use rootdn for this, so I created a new
user and I'm using simple authentication (on an SSL layer).

I get problems with access control, however, that prevent it from working.

What I did:

I created this user:

dn: uid=slurpd,ou=users,dc=xxxxxxxx,dc=xx

access to * by dn="uid=slurp,ou=users,dc=xxxxxxxx,dc=xx" write
The problem is I cannot access the slave database with

What I get is:

slave# ldapsearch -w xxxxxxx -D 'uid=slurp,ou=users,dc=xxxxxxxx,dc=xx' -b
What am I doing wrong?

The user you created (uid=slurpd) is not the DN you gave access to (uid=slurp), assuming that isn't a typo and is a direct cut & paste.


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