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Problem when trying to add an entry.


Context: I am trying to add an entry to the field GPG/Key in turba,
which is using an OpenLDAP backend.

The entry in question is of type:

define as in the schema as:

attributetype (
       NAME 'turbaPGPPublicKey'
       DESC 'PGP/GPG Public Key'
       EQUALITY caseIgnoreIA5Match
       SYNTAX{4000} )

The error I get in OpenLDAP is:
Entry (cn=common
name,ou=avenardj,ou=personal_addressbook,dc=hydrix,dc=com), attribute
'turbaPGPPublicKey' not allowed
entry failed schema check: attribute 'turbaPGPPublicKey' not allowed
conn=19 op=3 RESULT tag=103 err=65 text=attribute 'turbaPGPPublicKey'
not allowed

I can't see what the issue could be.
How does the turbaPHPPublicKey attribute should be defined?

Thank you