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Re: How to migrate iPlanet Directory into OpenLDAP?

Migrating between any two LDAP servers commonly involves
A) exporting data from one
B) translating data
C) importing data into another.

Data, in this case, applies not only to directory data, but
also schema and other things.   In general, translation of
data is done by using standardized representations, such
as LDIF for directory data and RFC 4512 schema descriptions
for schema.  This makes task A and half of B specific to
directory server your exporting data from, and task C and
the other half of B specific to the directory server your
importing data into.  I note that the former may also involve
"fixing" the data to conform to requirements of the standards.

How to extract data from the Iplanet Directory Server and
to translate into a common representation is, of course,
a topic for forum about the Iplanet Directory server.

To import directory data represented in LDIF, one should
use ldapadd(1), after configuring the server appropriately
to hold that data.  Configuring the server to hold that
data may require loading schema descriptions.   slapd(8)
schema directives take as input RFC 4512 schema

Beyond this, you'll need to re-implement your authorization
policy using slapd(8) access controls.  To do this, start
with a policy statement (written in english) and then
implement it from scratch in slapd(8).  That is, the process
here is not as in above (translation), but one of
re-implementation.  Likewise for tuning.


At 10:38 PM 1/17/2007, Van Zing wrote:
>Hi all,
>I have been googling for instructions on how to migrate my existing SUN iPlanet Directory version 5 into OpenLDAP but no luck so far. Has anyone done this before? Please help!! any instructions or pointer is much appreciated.
>Thanks in advance,