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Re: Syncrepl refreshOnly replication failures

Jed Donnelley said the following on 11/01/07 19:49:
> Openldap,
> We recently upgraded our openldap master from 2.2.30 to 2.3.30.  Most of
> our replicas (we have some 5 production and 3 or 4 test replicas) are
> still 2.2.x versions of openldap.  We did testing of the syncrepl
> refreshOnly replication across these versions before the upgrade and the
> replication seemed to work fine.
> After the upgrade to our production master we had problems with bdb lock
> exhaustion - as I've noticed others have run into.  With the new master
> this problem manifested itself in the master seeming to "loop" consuming
> CPU while trying to support replication.  However, it was still able to
> support direct reads and writes - unlike the 2.2.x master that just hung
> in that circumstance.  I'm not sure such resiliency in the face of its
> replication failures was a good thing.

What bdb version are you using?

Have you tried with newer releases of OpenLDAP?

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