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Re: Replication errors with slurpd and ppolicy [SOLVED]

On Fri, January 12, 2007 11:03 am, Michael Steinmann wrote:


> To me this looks like the ppolicy overlay and slurpd are both trying to
> update the pwdHistory attribute at the same time but ppolicy kicks in
> faster and thus slurpd cannot see the old value and fails.

after patching slurpd to not replicate pwdHistory I ran into the same
problem with the accessTo attribute. Both pwdHistory and accessTo are
multivalued which led me down another route and I found ITS#3228 which
corresponds to what I'm doing (using slurpd with multiple replication
agreements to the same slave). Closer analysis of the slave's logs
revealed that *two* replications actually took place for every change on
the master (as described in above bug).

I've reverted to replicate the subordinate database only and now
replication works as expected without errors.