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Re: Syncrepl: why would this happen?

Lesley Walker wrote:
Running 2.3.32 with the patch for added sync logging, I got this message:

Jan 15 18:51:14 wwsv04 slapd[7879]: Entry
uid=example,ou=example,dc=example,dc=co,dc=nz CSN
20070115055002Z#000000#00#000000 greater than snapshot

This particular record gets an update every hour at *:51, but the message
has only appeared once so far, and this version has been running since

It seems perfectly reasonable that the CSN with the later timestamp is
greater than the earlier one, so why is it telling me this?

This is on the provider, which in turn gets its updates from the master
server via slurpd. (a temporary measure until we can upgrade the master

This doesn't indicate any particular problem. In order to make sure the consumer gets a consistent update, the provider takes a snapshot of its CSN at the moment the consumer contacts it. Only changes made between the consumer's CSN and the snapshot get sent to the consumer on that particular update. Any changes that occur during the time the updates are being sent will be deferred to a future session. This is all normal behavior.

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