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RE: Syncrepl questions

Aaron wrote:
> http://cvs.rutgers.edu/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/*checkout*/source-p
> atches/openldap-2.3.25-syncprovlog.patch
> (that's Howard's code, not mine). Despite the name, it 
> applies clean to 
> 2.3.32.

Another couple of quick questions:

Does this patch enhance the "sync" loglevel, or do I need to enable
something else? I currently have "loglevel config sync". Or do I need to put
a special config switch in at build time?

Am I right in thinking that with "syncprov-checkpoint 10 5" I should see
something happen at every checkpoint, in this case every 5 minutes?

I've just deployed the patched 2.3.32 to the provider and one of the
consumers, have been watching the logs for at least 15 minutes and haven't
seen anything that looks like a CSN, at either end.

There's very little updating going on at the moment (after-hours) so the 10
updates criterion won't have been met yet.

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