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Syncrepl questions

If I've understood the documentation correctly, syncrepl utilises a
synchronisation cookie which is passed from provider to consumer every so
often, and this cookie is based on something called contextCSN which I do
not yet understand (but I don't think that matters right now).

Which loglevel keyword (if any) will allow me to see this synchronisation
cookie being passed?

Which other loglevels are useful for debugging replication issues? (Apart
from sync, of course, which I'm already using.)

Background: I'm trying to debug an issue in which, sometimes, a record that
is deleted on the provider does not get deleted on some of the consumers.

Version: 2.3.31
Patch: the consumers that exihibit this behaviour are running a version that
has been patched for ITS4790, but there are a handful patched consumers that
are okay. Some consumers are still running the unpatched version, and all of
them are okay (other than the ITS4790 bug).

Backend: bdb (4.2) at both ends

Provider config:

overlay syncprov
syncprov-checkpoint 10 5
syncprov-sessionlog 100

Consumer config:

syncrepl rid=123

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