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Re: anonymous proxy and idassert-bind

Raphael Berlamont wrote:
On Lun 8 janvier 2007 17:19, Pierangelo Masarati a écrit :
I have no idea of why it ever gets to return "no such object"; if the
above is your slapd.conf, I see too many whitespaces in front of too
many directives to yield a valid slapd-ldap configuration, though.

You were right. I thought I could use some indents like : database ldap option 1 option 2 sub-section 1 (like idassert-bind) option1-of subsection1 option2-of subsection1 sub-section 2 option1-of subsection2 option2-of subsection2

For slaptest, everything is fine. The parser doesn't yell, but that change
slapd behaviour, randomly.
With this correction, the "no such object" error disapeared.

slaptest does (almost) what slapd would in parsing slapd.conf. Unfortunately, for historical reasons, slapd was very forgiving on unknown directives; it just issued warnings at "config" level (-d config in >= 2.3). In 2.4 any unknown statement will be treated as an error. Try running slaptest with -d config, and you might start seeing some complains.


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