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Re: openldap proxy issue

jerrrry@voila.fr wrote:

thank you very much: it works very well with slapd(8) 2.3.27.

my issue now is that i will have to use the package supplied by RH enteprise 4: openldap-servers-2.2.13-6.4E

and with this version i get this message:

unknown directive "idassert-bind" inside backend database definition (ignored)

line 80 (idassert-authzfrom "dn.regex=.+")

slapd doesn't know idassert-authzfrom !

so, do you know if there is an other directive with this version that enable me to do the same things (anonymous bind rewrite as an admin DN)

1) no there isn't.
2) in 2.2, libldap and proxy backends were very buggy; things are much better now (2.3.32), and will be even better with 2.3.33. There is no good reason (not even support: you won't get any from RedHat) to stay with that old buggy version.


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