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openldap proxy issue


I'am configuring slapd(8) 2.3.27 for use as a proxy to another LDAP server.

the purpose is to do an ldap authentication to a ldap backend, that need  that an administator account bind to do a search, with applications that can only do an anonymous bind.

can openldap rewrite the anonynous  connection to bind with the administrator acount instead ?

I try this:

I compiled with --enable-ldap --enable-rewrite.

and my slapd.conf looks like this:

database ldap

suffix ou=personnes,o=sg

uri ldap://

binddn cn=guards,ou=exploit,ou=personnes,o=sg

bindpw secret


but it does not work whereas i put binddn and binfpw. The backend ldap still receive an anonymous connection.


thank you for your help