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Re: No schema in my db

At 06:05 AM 1/5/2007, Olivier Cailloux wrote:
>I'm trying to set up an LDAP server on my box (only for address book management). It seems like there is no schema (or a problem related to the schema) on my test server, and I don't know what I should do to overcome that problem.

Your problem is not that the slapd(8) instance has no schema
(all slapd(8) instances have some schema... as there is always
built-in schema).  

Your problem is that you are unable to read the (sub)schema.  The
root of that problem appears to be a misunderstanding of the
general procedure used to read the subschema controlling a
particular entry.  (The general procedure is defined in these
terms, as opposed to a "server's schema", as the specification
allows different subtrees to be controlled by schemas... hence the
term "subschema".)   This procedure is discussed in the FAQ answer:

I suggest you take the remaining issues, which are clearly of a
general nature, to a general LDAP list (e.g., <ldap@umich.edu>).