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Re: syncrepl with refreshAndPersist works in 2.2.x, but not in 2.3.x

--On Friday, January 05, 2007 1:21 PM +0000 Andreas Taschner <ataschner@novell.com> wrote:


Slave servers that are replicating changes using the refreshAndPersist
operation type do not get updates from the master server until they are
restarted. They will not be notified of any other changes.  If I set the
replication protocol operation type to refreshOnly and a suitable
interval, the changes do get replicated as expected.

I have verified that syncrepl with type=refreshAndPersist works with
openldap2-2.2.24 and 2.2.27) also works as it should.
However neither the 2.3.19-x (which is the current version on my platform
- SLES 10, kernel 2.6.16) nor 2.3.30 work as expected.

I have traversed the net and tried numerous configuration variations, but
not found anything that changes the behavior. I always end up having to
restart the slave to get the updates over. Needless to say that I have
tried on different hardware (all x86-based) and all on complete fresh
installations of the base OS.

When loading the consumer/replica/slave, the apparently connects to the
provider (Config: ** successfully added syncrepl

There seems to be many people who have this working, but I have not yet
been able to find a configuration example that works.

Am I missing something or is refreshAndPersist broken ?

Any hints would be most appreciated.

Works for me, is all I can say. :/

Have you run the test suite?


specifically tests refresh & persist.

Also, have you turned up debugging on the master to see what happens when the slave connects?


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