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Lock tuning

After reading

I started to look at db_stat -c and noticed this:
5203    Total number of locks not immediately available due to conflicts.
15      Number of deadlocks.

Now, these numbers of pretty low compared to all the other stuff with
M's at the end, but the following would imply that there's plenty of
1000    Maximum number of locks possible.
1000    Maximum number of lockers possible.
1000    Maximum number of lock objects possible.
4       Number of current locks.
74      Maximum number of locks at any one time.
59      Number of current lockers.
71      Maximum number of lockers at any one time.
4       Number of current lock objects.
39      Maximum number of lock objects at any one time.

Any hints as to why I would have deadlocks, or locks not available?
Maybe I'm misreading what a conflict is vs just contention.


(.. if only I knew what the conflict matrix was trying to say ;)