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Slapd fails to terminate

Running 2.3.31, I'm seeing the behaviour described in ITS4790, in which
Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>> Apparently, one thread is unable to terminate correctly...
>> but then slapd hangs forever in ldap_pvt_thread_pool_destroy().

and Howard responded:
> This is a bad patch to connections_shutdown in RE23, there is a
> "continue" after checking for a client session that shouldn't be
> there. This line is not present in HEAD and the bug doesn't exist
> in HEAD. Strange that it got there since we just recently sync'd
> RE23 with HEAD's connection.c.

Ok, so the problem line is in connection.c, right?

I know just about enough C to be able to comment out the line.  How do I
identify it?

I need to fix this pronto, as I have already rolled out the bad code to
about half of our ~80 replicas.

Lesley W
(I can just hear "I told you so..." coming from my employer when he hears
about this)

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