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Re: combining loglevel sync and 256

Daniel Eckstein skrev:

Ive set up a master/5 replica solution using openldap and syncrepl.

Everything is working as expected.

Regarding logging theres one question left, I was not able to find an answer.

Ive configured ldap to use syslog to write its logfiles. Is it possible to combine loglevel 256 and loglevel sync?
Because either Iam able to see every bind/connection/search activity, or all the synchronisation stuff which is
going on.

Well, 'man slapd.conf'(5) - or html on this (OpenLDAP 2.3.31) rig - says:

The desired log level can be input as a single integer that combines the (ORed) desired levels, both in decimal or in hexadecimal notation, as a list of integers (that are ORed internally), or as a list of the names that are shown between brackets, such that

    loglevel 129
    loglevel 0x81
    loglevel 128 1
    loglevel 0x80 0x1
    loglevel acl trace

are equivalent.

So if you put "loglevel stats sync" into slapd.conf and restart slapd you'll get what you want.

I can do this with a GUI (gq) on the fly ("olcLogLevel: Stats sync") but I do not find the results illuminating, i.e. I wouldn't want to do this.


Tonni Earnshaw
tonni @ barlaeus.nl