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RE: A "which version" question

Aaron Richton wrote:
> See http://www.openldap.org/software/release/changes.html

Thanks, I should have thought of that myself (d'oh!)

> Can any of us say with certainty that you're going to 
> run into these issues? Of course not.

I'll read the ITS notes which hopefully will help us to judge their
relevance to our setup.

> But if you _do_ run into those 
> issues, it's going to feel pretty silly to have chosen to 
> upgrade a few 
> minor releases off from the already-known fix...

Absolutely! It would feel even sillier if I hadn't asked the question, too.

But it would feel equally silly if we went with the latest release and
encountered a new bug that appeared since the "stable" release that just
happened to be triggered by something that turned out to be weird in our
environment and nobody else noticed it before.  :-)

Thanks for the comments, I appreciate your time.

Lesley W

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