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Re: slapd grows during SASL Binds

--On Thursday, December 14, 2006 4:27 PM -0500 Paul Turgyan <pturgyan@umich.edu> wrote:

Interesting... I've been using SASL/GSSAPI with OpenLDAP for
several years, and I agree I see memory growth in the loaded slapd,
but it also stabilizes for me after a point.  Have you looked at
using any alternative memory allocators?  I use Hoard instead of
the default on my servers, and that has drastically improved memory
allocation on my multi-CPU servers.  You don't say how many CPU's
you've got.

We have 2 cpu's w/ hyperthreading, so it kinda looks like 4 cpu's.

It is well established that glibc's default malloc stuff has suffers badly from fragmentation on multiple CPU's. I highly advise using Hoard as your allocator and re-testing. ;)

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