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Re: Disaster recovery question wrt replication

Buchan Milne wrote:

If you're sticking with 2.2.13 for "vendor support", judging by the version number, I'm guessing that is with a vendor that now has their own LDAP server, and they primarily use OpenLDAP for the library (to support ldap clients).

We use that vendors distro, but run our own packages (rebuilt from the Mandriva SRPMs since I maintain those myself).

My older (2.3.27) set is available here:

FWIW we're running 2.3.30 rpms (with great success) on RHAS4 with an older Buchan Milne spec file than "My older (2.3.27) set", simply by modifying the version number in the spec file.

Upgrading from 2.2.13 to 2.3.latest has to be a must for RHAS/RHEL/FC, if any RHAS/RHEL/FC admin wishes to take OpenLDAP seriously. Both bugs/limitations and functionality have been addressed between 2.2.13 to 2.3.latest.


Tonni Earnshaw
tonni @ barlaeus.nl