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Re: Disaster recovery question wrt replication

Steven Harms (stharms) wrote:


I suppose, more generally, I'm asking: How do a start replication all
over.  What files can / should I delete.  Which should I not under any
circumstance touch?

Others (Quanah) have mentioned dropping implementation of slurpd in favor of i(delta-)syncrepl - requires upgrading to 2.3(.30 at the moment).

This site used to use slurpd with OpenLDAP 2.2. Before we switched to 2.3, we tested syncrepl slave DB rebuilds from scratch (empty DB, valid slapd.conf and DB_CONFIG in the DB directory). We simply started slapd on the slave machines and the small (about 40MB) DB was automatically rebuilt within seconds (100Mb Ethernet and fast SCSI RAID5), high-quality iron.

Having previously had to deal with the same thing with slurpd earlier, I was completely gob-smacked.


Tonni Earnshaw
tonni @ barlaeus.nl