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Re: slapd responds very slowly when cpu has 100% usage (but actually low load)

--On Wednesday, December 13, 2006 10:27 AM +0200 Antonis Christofides <anthony@itia.ntua.gr> wrote:

(My original message, which presents the problem, is at the bottom.)

Thank you for your responses, here is some more information:

You didn't mention what version of slapd you're running.

That's right, sorry. I'm running Debian-packaged slapd 2.2.23-8, using bdb 4.2.52-18 (everything on my system is the Debian sarge's packages, except for the kernel, which is a recompiled Ubuntu 6.06 kernel, 2.6.12 SMP).

I'll note that 2.2.23 is a very very old release. A number of optimizations were made for the 2.3 release, that may or may not resolve this issue for you. I'd at least try 2.3.30, which had a bunch of the connection code re-worked. It has been uploaded into unstable, and is scheduled to go out with etch, I believe.


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