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Re: dnsDomain2.schema and aRecord

Buchan Milne schrieb:
On Monday 11 December 2006 10:06, Jürgen Magin wrote:

I'm using dnsDomain2 schema with openldap 2.2.27 for dns server (pdns).
When I look into the logfiles i saw that some questions are not answered
by slapd.

When I ask:
    ldapsearch -x -LLL "dc=hostname"
i get the follwing answer:
objectClass: top
    objectClass: dNSDomain2
    objectClass: domainRelatedObject
    dc: hostname
    pTRRecord: hostname.example.local
    associatedDomain: hostname.example.local
ok, but
    ldapsearch -x -LLL "aRecord="
    ldapsearch -x -LLL "aRecord=192*"
returns nothing and
    ldapsearch -x -LLL "aRecord=*"
returns all entries.

The entry 'aRecord' is of type caseIgnoreIA5Match.
What's wrong there? Any ideas?

Have you made any changes to the index configuration (assuming you use a slapd.conf for configuration)? If so, did you run slapindex (or an export/import)?
Yes I changed the index configuration and run slapindex. Here is the
index configuration from my slapd.conf:

index objectClass           pres,eq
index cn                    approx,pres,sub,eq
index sn                    approx,pres,sub,eq

## required to support pdb_getsampwnam()
index uid                   approx,pres,sub,eq

## required to support pdb_getsambapwrid()
index displayName           pres,sub,eq

## uncomment these if you are storing posixAccount and
## posixGroup entries in the directory as well
index uidNumber             eq
index gidNumber             eq
index memberUid             eq

## required to support CourierMailAccount
index mail                  approx,pres,sub,eq
index mailsource            approx,pres,sub,eq

index sambaSID              eq
index sambaSIDList          eq
index sambaPrimaryGroupSID  eq
index sambaDomainName       eq
index sambaGroupType        eq
index default               sub

index dhcpHWAddress         eq
index dhcpClassData         eq
index associatedDomain      approx,pres,sub,eq
index member                pres,eq
index aRecord               eq

index ipServicePort         eq
index ipServiceProtocol     eq

I noticed that pdns runs in timeouts. So i had a look for the slapd logfile
and saw that slapd got the request, but ansered with:
    SEARCH RESULT tag=101 err=0 nentries=0 text=


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