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Re: Cannot get "logpurge" to work

Dave Horsfall wrote:

OpenLDAP 2.3.27

I've just started playing with "accesslog" (and "auditlog"). I have the following configuration:

database        bdb
suffix          cn=log
rootdn          cn=root
directory       /var/tmp/slapd.accesslog
index           objectClass,reqStart    eq


overlay         accesslog
logdb           cn=log
logops          all
# Scan every hour, delete more than 1 hour
logpurge        01:00 01:00

FWIW we're running 2.3.30 on RHAS4 with delta-syncrepl from a master to 3 slaves. We had issues with logpurge before about 2.3.25, so I wrote a small shell script to purge the entries at midnight, in anticipation of the problem being fixed in the end. Around 2.3.27 I noticed that the script wasn't outputting, but the entries were getting purged anyway, so logpurge was working.

Our format in slapd.conf is slightly different from yours:
logpurge        02:00:00 24:00

After a mass update, the logfiles in the changelog directory get huge, so when it's working, you'd best keep an eye on these.



Tonni Earnshaw
tonni @ barlaeus.nl