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Re: schemacheck in slapd.conf

Anant S Athavale wrote:

In version 2.0.x of openldap, I used to use, schemacheck off in slapd.conf file. But, in the newer version 2.3.x, this directive is getting ignored.

I want schemacheck to be disabled, how do I achieve this in the current version.

Don't; it will not work apart from in (syncrepl?) replication - and that's just as well.

Adjust all your .schema files (the most important of these are included in the source distribution) and DIT database-slapcatted ldif file as necessary, as we all had to do at one stage or another.

Upgrading from 2.0. whatever to 2.3.30 will give you an enormous boost in functionality, especially if you have a multiple server setup (master/slaves). And don't forget that an ldbm backend is a no-no for OpenLAP 2.3 (although it's possible); use bdb or hdb.


Tonni Earnshaw
tonni @ barlaeus.nl