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Re: hi, question about slapd.d configuration changed on the fly

<quote who="Tony Earnshaw">
> Howard Chu wrote:
> [...]
>>> I'd guess that the passage you quote (and it _is_ correct) was written
>>> for a future version of OpenLDAP. For us, simply being able to change
>>> olcLogLevel on the fly with gq's 'point 'n click' has been one huge
>>> godsend.
>> Where are you getting this "one or two" stuff? Everything can be set
>> dynamically. All means all.
> Ok, it can all be changed. For cn=config I often use GQ, since that's a
> handy tool, to change olcLogLevel on running servers. But changing the
> order of olc Access, for example, isn't easily accomplished (this has
> been discussed before) and all on the fly changes are lost the next time
> the daemon is restarted (assuming a valid slapd.conf and other included
> conf files).

No changes should be lost if you started and restarted slapd with -F slapd.d/

If you started with a slapd.conf, changes only work until the next
restart, where slapd reads only from slapd.conf and ignores slapd.d

> I should have written that it's not a practical solution at
> the moment.
>> The original poster obviously missed the point that the *LDAP*
>> configuration engine is driven by *LDAP*. I.e., changes are accomplished
>> using ldapmodify, not by editing any files.
> Possibly, he didn't make that clear.
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