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Re: Reg openLDAP config

"shilpa muramkar" <ratnashilpa@gmail.com> writes:

> Hi,
> I hv installed openLDAP on windowsxp. Now im trying to populate it with our
> company specific values using java code.It is giving me the following error.
> error result (53); modification of subschema subentry not supported; DSA is
> unwilling to perform
> i have provided access previlages in slapd.conf as
> access to dn.base="" by * write
> access to dn.base="cn=subschema by * write
> access to *
> by self write
> by users write
> by anonymous auth
> but still i get an error saying i cannot modify the subschema entry.
> can anyone just let me knwo where exactly is the error??

> How do i add my values into the subschema.l

Why do you want to write to subschema? If you only want to add another
schema, you either add an include statement in slapd.conf, or you
write to cn=schema,cn=config.

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