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Re: Antwort: Re: slapd + valsort using 100% CPU and causing slpad to become unresponsive


Michael.Heep@o2.com writes:

> Hello Dieter,
> thanks a lot this was exactly the problem!
> When disabling the dynlist overlay valsort works flawlessly. It seems like valsort
> can't cope with attribute-value pairs "created" by dynlist.
> Although valsort is not mission critical (at least for us) I'll file an ITS anyways,
> because in some cases it's still a more than nice to have feature ;)

It is not valsort, it is probabely your design of dynlist.
You either specify in slapd.conf a dynlist-attrset with group-oc
URL-at and member-at, and no attribut in the URL string of memberURL,
or you specify no member-at in slapd.conf but an attribute in the URL
string. Otherwise slapd runs in an endless loop comparing member-at
and attribute.
At least that is, what I experienced.


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