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Re: OpenLDAP Search Problem

--On Monday, November 20, 2006 10:55 AM -0800 Matt Brown <mbrown@mail.ewu.edu> wrote:


I have an issue that just started a few days ago where when I search our
LDAP for the field employeeNumber a number of my accounts will come back
as not found even though they are in there, I can search by the uid and
find the person and looking at the record the employeeNumber is exactly
what I was searching for.

I can however do a search for (employeeNumber=*000111222) and find the
employee where a search for (employeeNumber=000111222) will not find
anything. On other accounts the search returns the expected result.

Comparing 2 accounts, one that works as expected and one that doesn't
both and an employeeNumber field and both are set to a text value of 9

Did you at one point not have an index for that attribute, and then later add one? If so, it is possible that the database was not reindexed (via the slapindex command while slapd is shut offf) once it was added.

However, what would be most useful now is more information --

What version of OpenLDAP?
What OpenLDAP database type are you using? (ldbm, hdb, bdb)
What database store software are you using?


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