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Re: LDAP search issue.


"Gökhan" <gokhan.afacan@gmail.com> writes:

> Hello;
> I have a question on LDAP search issue.
> I want to disable full search on the LDAP tree.
> Eg:
> My LDAP Tree is:
> c=US, o=Dept1, cn=John Smith
> c=US, o=Dept1, cn=Ann Adams
> I want to deny to read full listing of the tree but only allow when the search
> condition meets only the required person.
> In the example above I want nobody to be listed. But when the search criteria
> is "c=US, o=Dept1, cn=Ann Adams"  this entry must be listed. When a search on
> "c=US" comes, nothing must be listed.
> What is the correct  Access Control Information for this request??

There are lots of examples in the FAQ


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