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Re: problems setting up replication server

I tested the same slurpd conf with an identical daemon process on the same
server and it works fine. Problem solved.

Thanks for the help guys,

On Wed, Nov 15, 2006 at 08:00:41PM -0800, Howard Chu wrote:
> Aaron Richton wrote:
> >>When I do this I get
> >>
> >>Error: parse_replica_line: unknown keyword "uri=ldaps://<<hostname>>:636"
> >>Error: Malformed "replica" line in slapd config file, line 120
> >>Warning: failed to add replica "(null):0 - ignoring replica
> >>
> >>I think it is because the replication master is using an older version 
> >>of ldap
> >>(2.1.25). Could the version difference prove to be an insurmountable 
> >>problem?
> 2.1.x definitely didn't support the uri= syntax. I don't remember what 
> it did support for ldaps://.
> >>~Andrew
> >
> >You can try "slaptest -d 64" to see what's going on with the config 
> >parsing, but you're probably going to get hurt running 2.1.25. 
> >slapcat/slapadd to a newer version and you'll be much better off.
> That would definitely be best.
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