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Re: proxycache + back-shell

Denis Gaertner wrote:

I got a problem with the proxycache. I am trying to use it together with
back-shell. This is my configuration, partly take from the manual.

The proxycache itself needs a primary database for storing the cached data. You should use "proxycache bdb ..." or "proxycache hdb ..." here. It makes no sense to use the shell backend to store the cache, since presumably it is too slow in the first place.

database shell
suffix "c=de"
search /usr/bin/php /opt/scripts/shell.php

rootdn		"uid=admin,c=de"
rootpw		"0545"
overlay pcache
proxycache    shell 100000 1 1000 100
proxycachequeries 1000
proxyAttrset  0 objectClass cn sn mail postaladdress telephonenumber
proxyTemplate (sn=) 0 3600
proxyTemplate (&(sn=)(givenName=)) 0 3600
proxyTemplate (&(departmentNumber=)(secretary=*)) 0 3600
index           cn,sn,uid       pres,eq,approx,sub
index           objectclass     pres,eq

If I try to search for (sn=sth.) with the cn attribute as the result attribute I get the result the first time from the script. The second time the proxy gets in and this is the result:

result: 53 Server is unwilling to perform
text: search not implemented

Now I have to say that the script always returns all attributes, no
matter what you put in the request. But the frontend filters it. Might
that be a problem?

Thank you


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