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Re: making ldapsearch not to split lines

Adam Pordzik wrote:
> Hai Zaar wrote:
>> I have bash script that does this:
>>   hostDN=( $(ldapsearch .... | grep '^dn' | cut -d ' ' -f 2) )
>> The problem is that if the 'dn' line is too long, ldapsearch splits it
>> to several lines according to LDIF rules.
>> Is there any way to tell ldapsearch not to split lines (or does it
>> depends on server side?)
> AFAIK there is not. And if got RFC 2849 right, there is no need
> for splitting, so I would also appreciate an optional parameter.
> (A fourth "-L" might be good for that purpose or an numerical
> operator to specify custom wrapping)

Yet another case where using a decent scripting language with an
appropriate LDIF module would do the job with less hassle. Or even
better doing the job directly with an LDAP module.

This is a general topic better discussed on ldap@umich.edu list.

Ciao, Michael.