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Re: hdb stops checkpointing....

--On Monday, November 13, 2006 12:32 PM +0100 johan.jonemo@hep.lu.se wrote:

I try to modify a hdb periodically (often). After a while the underlying
database seems to be swamped down.

If I look in the directory log files are piling up. I run db_archive
periodically to clean up the log files and I also run db_deadlock in

I do not run db_checkpoint as this as far as I understand is done by the

Strangely the problem seems to start after about 2 h if I start from a
clean database. When I try to lower the frequency of the updates it still
seems to happen after 2 h.

I use openLDAP v2.3.24
with Sleepycat Software: Berkeley DB 4.4.20

If you set the right BDB options in DB_CONFIG, I can't see any reason to run any of the db_* commands.

In any case, I've used hdb since OpenLDAP 2.3.11, and I've not had any problems with it swamping down from modifications. I'd check your DB_CONFIG settings.


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