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Re: open ldap with SASL & GSSAPI

Tony Earnshaw wrote:

Quite apart from all of this, running Fedora FC6 (a highly experimental and inherantly buggy release) in production is simply courting trouble. MIT KerberosV and OpenLDAP 2.3 work perfectly well on RHAS4 (with the intrinsic limitations that KerberosV has, and they are many), though as Quanah points out, it could be slower than Heimdal. Using Heimdal on any Red Hat system is a dead duck because of built-in program conflicts. Been there, done that ...

Interesting. We build with Heimdal on RedHat all the time, no problems. The MIT Kerberos still lags significantly in features, stability, reliability, performance ... just about any metric worth mentioning.

I'll stop here before we get too far off-topic.

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