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Re: posixgroup & structuralobject errors

--On Friday, November 03, 2006 10:47 AM +0100 jef peeraer <jef.peeraer@pandora.be> wrote:

i am using openldap for many years now ( arround 300 users ) but recently
i encountered some problems. i installed a new server ( opensuse 10.1)
and tried to import an ldap database which comes from a suse 9.3
There seems to be a difference in schemas anyway. (opensuse 10.1 has
openldap version  2.3.19 , 9.3 -> 2.2.23)

In addition to the other sage advice offered, I'd highly advise upgrading to the latest OpenLDAP release (2.3.28, or 2.3.29 which will be out in a day or two, hopefully).


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