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ppolicy implementation questions

I'm a little confused about a couple of things with ppolicy, I would
appreciate somone helping me to sort it out.

Here's my problem.  I have a pwdMinAge set to some number X.  The reason
is that the password policy I'm implementing says that passwords must
not be reused until some N days and Y number of changes have elapsed.

Thus, pwdMinAge is approximately N / Y, which means that even if a user
changes their password every X days, they won't go through all Y
passwords until all N days have passed.  Clearly not the best option.

So my first question is this:  I see that the pwdHistory attribute
stores time the password was used within it.  Is there some way for
ppolicy to check if a password that is being reused has been reused in <
X days?

Failing in that (which would allow me to get rid of using pwdMinAge)...
When I set a user password with the rootdn or similar, the user can not
reset their password because it is too young.  I can see no way to
modify pwdChangedTime.  How exactly is this handled?

Third, apparently only the rootdn can set a password when the password
is < pwdMinAge.  Users with an ACL that allows write access to
userPassword also go through the ppolicy policies (which makes sense).
Is there a way to exclude them also from ppolicy constraints when
setting another user's password?


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