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Re: Case-insensitive search on unicode characters fail in 2.3.x

Howard Chu ?????:
Konstantin Katuev wrote:

We are trying to upgrade our succesfully running openldap 2.2.19 server
to newer version (2.3.28).
We use unicode (russian) strings for DNs & attribute values.
After upgrade all software we use to search information in LDAP directory
returns no results when case of letters does not match.
If case of letters matches, everything is OK.
On ASCII strings search works fine.
Older versions (2.2.x) work good.

Is it bug or feature?

Sounds like a bug you should file in the ITS. Give some examples that use to work and are not working now...

I have submitted new issue (id 4724) to ITS with sample data and test script. Hope it will help.