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Re: Strange behaviour using back-meta + slapo-pcache + glue

In my scenario I need to do top-level searches to local database and
external directories via back-meta, under the same naming context, so
I supposed that subordinating back-meta would be a possible solution.

In fact, the behaviour I comment is not very critical, because
although slapd returns two answers for the search request, the client
(using libldap) seems to take the 'succesful' one, and the result
entries are also obtained ok.

I've also tried the same configuration glueing some back-ldap's
instead back-meta, and I also obtain the same behaviour.



2006/10/26, Pierangelo Masarati <ando@sys-net.it>:
I fear intermixing slapo-glue and back-meta that way could cause some
trouble.  Is it really indispensable?  Anyway, I'll have a look at it,
since it might unveil some other issue, and I?m right now very interested
in back-meta :).

> Hi, I'm experimenting a strange behaviour using back-meta + > slapo-pcache + glue, I have a configuration similar to this: > > database meta > subordinate advertise > suffix "dc=ext,dc=blabla,dc=com" > rootdn "cn=Manager,dc=blabla,dc=com" > overlay pcache > proxycache bdb 10000 3 100 100 > ... > uri "ldap://,dc=ext,dc=blabla,dc=com"; > suffixmassage "dc=dir1,dc=ext,dc=blabla,dc=com" > "dc=w2k3,dc=blabla,dc=local" > pseudorootdn "cn=Administrator,cn=Users,dc=w2k3,dc=blabla,DC=local" > pseudorootpw blabla > > database bdb > suffix "dc=blabla,dc=com" > rootdn "cn=Manager,dc=blabla,dc=com" > rootpw blabla > > If I do a search under "dc=dir1,dc=blabla,dc=com" and this search is > not in cache, everything works ok, but if the search is obtained from > cache, I obtain two different answers to the same 'search' request > from slapd, one of them with result code '0' (success) and another one > with code 53 (unwilling to perform), although I also obtain the > correct result entries. Digging a bit with gdb, I see that the > 'unwilling to perform' error is sended in backglue.c (glue_op_search > function). Am I maybe doing something wrong on the configuration or is > that a normal behaviour? > > Thank you, > > Dani. >

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