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Re: replication problem

Buchan Milne wrote:
On Wednesday 25 October 2006 17:22, Mark Haney wrote:
For some reason, I'm now getting a ERROR: Constraint violation:
entryCSN: no user modification allowed
when replicating between two 2.3.19 LDAP servers. I just rebuilt
replication on the slave box. What could be wrong?

You don't provide any context on this, but the most likely reason is that your slave doesn't have an updatedn set.


Yeah I neglected a lot of info didn't I?  I'd blame the migraine, but
that wouldn't really help.  Here's my problem, I had my slave server
upgraded to FC5 a week or so ago and realized yesterday that replication
wasn't working.  It turns out that my entire config on that box
disappeared, presumably from the upgrade.

I recreated it with the exact same steps I used to originally set it up,
but now I'm getting the error message.  I do have an updatedn entry
setup, but I'm thinking it's either in the wrong location or isn't
configured correctly.  Is there a particular location it should be in
the slapd.conf?  Basically I altered the binddn entry in slapd.conf from
the master to 'updatedn'.  IIRC that's how I set it up last time.  And I
know the updatedn credentials were correct before since it's the same on
both boxes (I'm using the rootbinddn for both).

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