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Re: Disabling Dynamic Configuration

Ian A. Tegebo wrote:

Thanks for the reply.  I'm afraid I'm still confused.  I wasn't sure
what you meant by "using slapd.conf seamlessly"; do you mean that by not
specifying the -F option I would be using "static configuration"?

My initial setup wasn't using -F and I was still getting a warning about
my backend not supporting dynamic config.  Next I did specify a
directory for -F as well as a config file with -f as per the man page
for slapd.  This created files as expected for my BDB backend but it
still gave me the same error for my java backend.  This resulted in
slapd not starting.

So I think I'm confused because with and without -F I'm still getting a
warning in my debug output as well as a non-starting slapd.

Thanks for your time,

If you're not using dynamic config, then you should just use slapd.conf as always and ignore the warning. I.e., the warning is irrelevant if you never use dynamic configuration on that backend.

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