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Re: Logging OpenLdap queries and answer

Karl Vondrash wrote:

I'm using an OpenLDAP: slapd 2.2.23 server on a SuSE 9.3 Box.
I've experienced certain problems with authldaprc configuration (Courier IMAP Server, Authentification against Openldap, reading homeDirectory and mailbox values).

Is it possible to log all the queries and answers the openldap server receives/gives?
(Server and Client are both on localhost, otherwise I would use Ethereal or tcpdump ;-()
I've tried a very high loglevel and get some information like below.
I find send_ldap_result, send_ldap_response entries, but i can't see the values of the attributes. Therefore I have difficulties to determine what the ldap Client requested and what the server answers.

Any hints would be useful.

Greetings K. Vondrash

syslog is not a debugging tool. Use e.g. "slapd -d7" and capture the output on stderr.

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