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Connections pool on backend-meta and backend-ldap

Hi, I have a slapd 2.3.27 configuration proxying external directories
via backend-meta, using directives 'pseudorootdn' and 'pseudorootpw'
to authenticate against the external directories so I always connect
to slapd with meta-backend's rootDN , and I'd want to use the
connection pooling mechanism implemented on this backend, but I'm not
sure about how to accomplish it.

'Description' section of slapd-ldap man page tells that "sessions that
explicity bind to the back-ldap database always create their own
private connection to the remote LDAP server" (as I have verified
myself), and then it explains that "for sessions bound through other
mechanisms all sessions with the same DN will share the same
connection". What mechanisms is the text referring to?

Thank you in advance,