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proxycache and back-shell


I got a question concerning the combination of the back-shell and the
proxycache overlay. I am using the shell backend for creating data out
of rdf-models. So its about transforming ldap queries to sparql queries
and the result is given back to the shell backend as a complete entry.
So I am currently not supporting the constraint of a list of attributes
to return to the server. However, having tried with some clients I found
out that the frontend is obviously doing it. So my script is sending all
the attributes of the entries to back-shell and the frontend is
eventually filtering it, so I only get the attributes I want.

But using the proxycache  this way seemingly doesn't work. So two

1.Is it necessary for the backend to deliver only the attributes which
are given in the search request to make the proxy work correctly?
2. The backend is quite slow. So I'd like to make extensive use of the
proxy. What is kind of a maximum setting for it? Like caching every
attribute and a lot of queries.

Thank you