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Re: overlay for sasl bind

Kanika Malhotra wrote:

I am trying to write an overlay which traps the sasl bind but listening on LDAP_REQ_BIND (bi_op_bind) did not result in trapping any sasl binds. Has anyone ever tried this and could give me some pointers as to where I could look for more information.

SASL binds don't get handled by databases (of course, as SASL identities do not directly belong to any database __before__ they eventually get mapped to a LDAP object). You need to stack your overlay __before__ database selection (OpenLDAP >= 2.3). Note that right now intercepting binds may be a little bit tricky: see overlay/ppolicy.c as an example. You'll need to malloc the slap_callback structure, and make sure it gets freed later.


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