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Re: load balancer with SSL

Jeremiah Martell wrote:
man ldap.conf says:

           The client will not request or check any server certificate."

It seems that never means it will never check any server certificate
(even if given one). I'm assuming there are no exceptions here and
that "never" really does mean "never".

Back to the version I'm using, which is 2.2.17. If Howard Chu is
correct, this functionality should be in my version ... if the
functionality was added in April 2003 ... because 2.2.17 was released
in Sep 2004. Or was that date wrong?

April 2003 was the date the patch went into HEAD. It may have gone into a public release at a much later date, I didn't bother to check. The 2.2.x release series was moved to Historic status quite a while ago; if you're using something that old you're on your own. Nobody on the Project cares about what may or may not be true of dead code. You can compare the CVS logs if you want to know, but if you expect to get help from this mailing list you should use a current version of the code.

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