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Re: only one slurp per machine ?

I'd imagine two identical slurpd would make a race for the replog. Sounds too ugly to bother to contemplate. But if the "several" are truly separate, then I suppose you could use different ports, config files, and replog files for each instance, and keep them isolated.

slurpd is on its way out, of course. Upgrade to the latest (2.3.27), then try syncrepl. Actually, there's at least one syncrepl bug that will be fixed in 2.3.28 (modrdn/#4695), so patch and/or keep an eye out for the new release.

On Thu, 19 Oct 2006, Sepp wrote:


I'm testing a configuration with several master und replicas
at one machine (2.3.25), but when there seems to be no way
to start a second slurpd ?

Any Ideas or should I take syncrepl for this purpose ?

Thanks in advance,