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Re: how optimize importation ?

Pierre FERT wrote:
I seek to make an importation in openldap of more than 3.000.000 of entries
within the shortest times.

Use OpenLDAP 2.3.27. Use slapadd -q

Read the slapadd(8) and slapd-bdb(5) manpages.

Then well on I have some questions has to pose to you.
 The importation is carried out starting from a ldapadd and not a slapadd
because I do not have the data timestamps UIDS etc….

The timestamps and entryUUIDs are generated automatically by slapadd.

How can I to make differently? I noted to make an indexing after an
importation LDIF is faster but, I have the impression that the objectclass
are indexed in any event has the importation even if `index objectClass eq'
is not specified in slapd.conf.

You must specify "index objectClass eq".

What wants to thus say that the objectclass are still indexed by slapindex,

slapadd already generates the indices, so slapindex is not needed here. slapindex is only useful when adding new indices to an existing database.

it is thus a waste of time, how can I to make differently?
To optimize the importation I have: Slapd.conf :
Backend bdb
Loglevel = 0
put that 3 shemas necessary A the importation (core/cosine/private) schemacheck off
dbnolocking # replogfile
disabeled the monitor and indexs DB
set_flags DB_TXN_NOSYNC (but it seems to me that dbnosync of slapd.conf is
equivalent) set_cachesize 0 268435456 1 (for 1Go of memory 512 was slower)
and I did not modify the repertory of the logs because I nothing gained
there, I found that odd besides

since I make db_archive - D to remove the whole of the logs, would not have
it there not a means of avoiding creating them? kind to make an importation with a backend which is faster to make a
slapcat. to go up a backend bdb and to import the LDIF directly in the DIB
without passing by the DSA?

Thank you for your councils.

and sorry for translater

You should probably get help from someone who understands English, especially if you have more complex questions later.

  -- Howard Chu
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